A fine dining experience at Cardiff City Hall

Client: CBI Wales
Event: CBI Wales, Annual Dinner 2017
Venue: Cardiff City Hall

Towards the end of 2017, the Confederation of British Industry Wales planned to host a prestigious dinner at Cardiff City Hall, and Genero Productions leapt at the chance to help create the perfect evening.

When we saw this window of opportunity, we approached the Confederation of British Industry Wales (CBI) and won the chance to plan the annual dinner held in the prestigious Cardiff City Hall. Working closely with CBI to understand their vision and to co-develop ideas, we carefully created a design concept with which they could feel proud.

The success of the event and CBI’s satisfaction with our designs was down to the fact that we drew inspiration from existing – and successful – brand precedents. The design artwork for the staging and backdrop concept included high-contrast light channels, a colour-washed room and branded gobo patterns – all of which worked together to create a visually stunning event that was not only representative of CBI’s brand, but created a beautiful fusion of CBI’s modernity and the venue’s traditional interiors.

We were asked to record the entire event, from the drinks reception to the main presentation. As the event had not one but two headline sponsors, we had to ensure that both logos were equally visible and recognisable in each camera shot. However, we found we were able to easily overcome this challenge by creating and discussing solutions together with our client, resulting in a smooth recording process on the day.

As well as the main production in the Assembly room, we activated the brand right from the start and created an atmosphere for the event by designing branded drop banners which were displayed in the reception area and the stunning marble hall in which the drinks reception was held. Along with coloured uplighters to make the pre-dinner areas just as characteristic as the main room, we successfully instilled a sense of great anticipation and in the attendees for the dinner itself, which truly paid off for all involved. Though this was only Genero’s first time working with CBI, the event’s lasting impression has resulted in a very positive relationship indeed.