Genero cycles for 24 hours and spends a night sleeping rough for charities

On Sunday 16th October, Genero shaped it suits for lycra in a charity event that would make even the fittest of athletes' quiver.

The extremely strenuous event “Cyclone 24” is the only one of its kind in the UK. In its second year of running, 132 participants took to the Wales Velodrome and raced in their teams for 24 hours to raise awareness and funds for the homeless charity The Wallich.

This wasn’t your regular Sunday for Rhys Blumberg, Sales and Marketing Director at Genero. After months in training with his team members, Richard Holland, CEO Cardiff Blues, Rhys Williams, Commercial Director Cardiff Blues, Tim Price, Marketing Director DS Smith and Tom Shanklin, Director at LS Media & Commercial Development roles witht both DS Smith and Genero Prodcutions, Rhys and the rest of the aptly named “Blues Bullets” met to endure what would be an unenviable 24 hours of cycling 250m laps.

Nothing could have prepared Rhys and the rest of the Blues Bullets for the tiredness and fatigue during this event. As the clock ticked over into the early hours of the morning, the team had to dig deep; waves of team spirit and thoughts of the events purpose kept everyone pedaling lap after lap. Rhys said “It was one of the most physically and emotionally challenging things I have ever done, it was a pretty savage event and a real test of character for us all”.

Rhys had faced another sleep deprived challenge a mere 9 days earlier when he participated in Cardiff’s “Byte Night” fundraiser with Action for Children. Rhys joined thousands across the UK in giving up their beds for one night to help change the future for young vulnerable people. Rhys raised a huge £700 for the charity and commented by saying “It was a real eye opener; it was only October but it was a cold night and we were all wondering how some of these young people survive on the street in the depths of winter. I am so glad I took part, it made me very grateful I had a bed to return to after 24 hours!”

Genero's Managing Director, Pete Leckie commented “We are all so proud of Rhys’ achievements for The Wallich and Action for Children over the past few weeks. He is clearly a fantastic team player with the ability to push himself both physically and mentally”.

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