Creating a Memorable Corporate Event

A memorable corporate event doesn’t just happen: it’s planned perfectly. In order for your event to stand out, you need a combination of organisation, the right equipment and the best people for the job – and that’s where we come in! Here’s some of our top tips to getting this tricky combination just right.

1. Start early

The early bird might get the worm, but the early planner makes the most memorable event. If you’ve got your heart set on a venue and speaker, contact them at the earliest opportunity. Booking up early doesn’t necessarily mean better rates, but it does mean peace of mind during what can be a rather frazzling time for you. Get even more peace of mind by giving your guests plenty of time to RSVP and pop the date in their diaries.

2. Find the perfect venue

When scouting for a venue, make sure it suits your every need as well as your attendees’. Does it have nearby hotels for your guests who are travelling from afar? Does it have adequate space and facilities for your tech team? Is it easy for your guests and suppliers to find?

3. Keep a checklist

A checklist never did anyone any harm – just don’t get lulled into a false sense of productivity! At a time when you are being pulled in many directions, a checklist can ensure you don’t miss any of the small but highly important details.  Try and prepare yourself for every eventuality; spare microphones and extra stationery may be the tiny details that save the day.  

4. Create a pre-event buzz

Some event organisers use email campaigns to start an event buzz, as it’s a good way to cement the event’s theme in your guests’ minds long in advance. You can encourage even more pre-event discussion by using a custom hashtag or invite-only forum. Once you’ve generated this buzz, its momentum will keep building throughout the event and long after it’s ended. #EventsMatter

5. Keep it up-to-date

Ditch the standard Pimms on arrival and serve the hottest drink of the season instead. From the choice in venue to the contents of your music playlist, you want to make sure that every bit of the event represents your brand: clever, current, and effortless.

6. Post-event debriefing

Now the event is over, you finally have time to take a breather and look back with a different perspective. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your team to get together and discuss the success of the event: what went well, what went very well, and what could have gone a bit better. Take your findings, give them a tweak and decide how you’re going to build them into your planning to well and truly elevate your brand and any future events.

7. Make your brand shine

Getting your brand message across at an event is key. Even when you think there isn’t much room for brand promotion, talk with your event organiser; there could be room for AV beyond what appears to be the obvious solution. Making your brand shine after the event is a challenge, but with the perfect balance of planning and expertise, guests will remember your brand long after the music stops.