Welcome to our new apprentice, Gethin!

Last week we produced the Apprenticeship Awards and having recently hired our own apprentice, we thought it appropriate to introduce him!

In light of the awards, we want to show our appreciation for Gethin. He’s 18 years old and is local to the Vale of Glamorgan, where Genero is based. Gethin is from Penarth and completed secondary school at Stanwell, the same town and high school as Genero’s MD Peter Leckie.

Gethin is currently completing the Site Carpentry Level 2 NVQ Diploma at Cardiff and Vale College, the course lasts for 2 years and includes this apprenticeship. Gethin is set to learn skills in wood working techniques, installing, erecting and maintaining components in the workplace, use of carpentry and joinery hand tools, use of cutting and shaping machines and use of portable power tools. 🛠️🧰📐

We asked him a few questions to get to know him a little better:

1.       Why did you choose to do Carpentry at Cardiff and Vale College?

I have always had an interest in building, how things are made and live events, therefore this course at Cardiff and Vale College really appealed to me. I studied Media in school and aspire to work with the BBC, so this apprenticeship is a good route towards that career aspiration.

2.       Why Genero?

I have followed Genero’s work since realising I want to break into the events and media industry, and I knew I wanted to get involved. Certain projects have inspired me, and I am excited to learn through working with the operations team.

3.       What have you learned/done so far?

I am proud to say that I helped build and deliver the set for the Climate Change Conference under the supervision of Genero’s set department. The event took place in Cardiff City Hall, which is obviously a big and popular venue. It was exciting to produce the set for this event as it was important and had a lot of coverage in the media. I enjoyed seeing the set I built on the TV. I have spent some time with Genero’s Warehouse Technician, Lloyd, learning about audio visual equipment and procedures. I am enjoying how everything I am learning is fitting together, especially the live events aspect.

Genero’s MD Peter Leckie says:

“I am really happy to be helping a young person’s development. We have had several successful apprentices train at Genero in the past, so we are excited to welcome Gethin to the Genero team! The events industry is a fantastic one to break into and we have plenty of opportunities for Gethin. Carpentry is a very beneficial skill to have and it’s great that Genero is helping to train someone up. I hope Gethin enjoys his time here.”

We second that, welcome to Genero, Gethin!