Blog #10: 10 things all successful entrepreneurs know

Seeing as it’s our 10th blog, we thought we’d stick with the 10 theme. So here’s 10 things all successful entrepreneurs know, according some successful entrepreneurs we happen to know 😉

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, these tips might give you a bit of a business boost. Go on, give your entrepreneurial skills a refresh…

  1. Firstly, your business will be at its best when you are at your best. Take time out to relax and spend time with loved ones. Have a glass of wine, take the dog on a beautiful coastal walk, buy that bubble bath you’ve had your eye on – whatever it takes to make you feel restored!

  2. Connect with other business-owners. You’ll be surprised at what you can gain from like-minded professionals. Networking events for your business industry are both a great place to build your support network and to suss out the latest trends.

  3. When hiring, consider what you want from your next employee. If you click with them as a person, then chances are they will fit into your team well. If a person matches your workplace vibe and energy, then they can be trained for the skill set you require.

  4. Be mindful of the work you accept. Taking on low-paid jobs may be tempting to bring money in, but the bigger jobs (although often more tough) will absolutely benefit you more in the future.

  5. Meet with your clients for a catch up, even if you don’t need anything from them. It will go a long way.

  6. Reward your staff. Acknowledge their hard work with an early finish. Buy in some triple chocolate muffins on a Friday. Employees who feel appreciated will enjoy their work and that is beneficial for everyone.

  7. Always stay loyal to your company’s roots. Never outsource your key service. You will always remain in control that way, alongside feeling great pride when you excel – because it is your passion.

  8. Don’t be afraid to get involved with employee’s work, if an employee is struggling, your helping hand will be remembered. Kindness in leadership is a winner.

  9. Invest in SEO. To put it into an analogy, producing great content will maintain and brighten your ‘shop window’.

  10. Take weekends as time to disconnect. Allow your creative mind to switch-off and recharge. Monday won’t know what’s hit it.

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