Blog #4: #LoveEvents

Did you know, it’s #ValentinesDay?! 💕

It’s hard not to miss the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day today, in fact you’d have to live under an incredibly large rock if you’ve managed to miss it. Whether today is a day you embrace with grand gestures of love, or if you’d rather dismiss it as another ‘marketing ploy’ broadcast by the media – V Day is just something you cannot hide from.

In the words of Bill Nighy in the classic Love Actually, “love is all around” and as a part of the events industry, we’d like to think we’ve contributed to that. Based on a study in the Independent, “Brits [are] ‘most likely to meet the love of their life at social gatherings’”, as events are often social gatherings, they’re often what bring people together. We wanted to take today as an excuse to blab about our love for events.

Fern Morgan, Account Manager – “Everyone says no two days are ever the same, but in this industry they actually aren’t. You could be in Cardiff one day and Belgium the next, but we wouldn’t be in this industry if we didn’t love it. Having a partner in the industry certainly helps too!”

Francesca Fish, Creative and Design Executive – “I love watching my work go from an idea in my head, to a CAD design concept, to seeing it up in front of me in some of the best venues around the country.”

Peter Leckie, Managing Director of Genero Productions – “I have been in the industry circa 25 years. Not only is it my job but it’s my hobby and passion too.”

Tom Shanklin, Managing Director of Genero Experiences – “There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing an idea from a piece of paper and watching it grow.”

Peter ‘Moz’ Morris, Account Manager – “I’m passionate about events! … but not as much as my wife!!”

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