Blog #7: Happy Easter! 🐰

Happy Easter!

Spring is here, things are waking up and there’s movement in the world again… buds are sprouting and lambs are bouncing around the fields. It’s a time of new beginnings, spring cleaning and fresh starts. That’s the stereotypical picture of spring that tends to be at the forefront of people’s minds.

For us, it’s been a mixture of all of these things. We’ve been travelling abroad for clients, recalibrating after a super fun and busy Awards season and preparing for our very own fresh start (announcement pending… 👀).

After the hustle and bustle of Cardiff Life Awards, LABC Cymru Awards, St David Awards, South Wales Chamber Awards, Wales and West Housing MAD Awards, Welsh Government Staff Awards (to name but a few!), it’s time to crack on with planning for summer events and some exciting work for ongoing and new clients!

cla 2018.jpg

New beginnings are associated with trying new things. We mentioned earlier about our abilities to put on events abroad – if this is something you’ve considered but have never known how to implement, we’re the company for you.

Genero bounced on over to Bonn in Germany this month, for our long-term client, General Dynamics’ exhibition at International Trade Fair AFCEA Bonn e.V. We designed, delivered and set up their exhibition stand and it looked fantastic for the event! They were exhibiting their latest products in tactical information transfer, by using our iPads and other media sources; General Dynamics clearly displayed their excellent products. 

Our hard work paid off when we received this message:

Many thanks for your help and support in making Bonn such as success. The stand looked great – the artwork was perfect, and the build was perfect for the guys to display the various videos and pieces of kit, etc. Many thanks for turning it all around so quickly – much appreciated.


We can execute a job even when it is not based in the UK.  Next, we’re off to Köln in Stuttgart for our client, Avon TSA. They’re exhibiting at Automotive Interiors Expo 2019 for the second year running. Exhibiting abroad is perfect for brand activation (especially in the current climate) and having a physical presence allows potential clients to establish a relationship, along with you being able to showcase exactly what you do.

We have numerous jobs in around the UK this month, from exhibitions to conferences to shows; we’ve got all of your brand activation needs covered, especially if you want to conquer further afield!

Basically, what we’re saying is that we have the ability to make your event a success, not just in the UK but throughout Europe too. So, if you’re feeling ambitious/want to expand your horizons this Easter, you know what do 👇

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