Blog #8: Feelin' Summery

Summer has been gifting us with beautiful days filled with sunshine and warm evenings, leaving us reaching for that crisp glass of white 🍷 (let’s ignore the ominous clouds that often love to spoil the summery mood). Despite the longest day having been and gone (😢😣), we’ve had a look back at what summer means to Genero.

With summer comes holiday season, some of the Genero team have been jetting off to relax in some exotic destinations, including Turkey, Ibiza, Italy, Jamaica, Croatia and even Zanzibar! Genero as a business has been busy travelling internationally too; we’ve delivered and installed exhibition stands for our long-term clients in Stuttgart, for Avon TSA, and Barcelona, for General Dynamics, in recent months.

Here’s some of the team enjoying their various holidays:

It’s clear to see that summer in the events industry is a jam-packed season. It can mean a number of things, from travel abroad to international events, to hosting outdoor events and catering for surprise rainfall! We’ve collated a few of our favourite sunny throwbacks:

1. Summer Festivals 🍹

We have been involved with some brilliant summer festivals in the Vale of Glamorgan in recent years. We love nothing more than working to bring together the local community for a weekend of sun, sea, games, a legendary downhill derby, plenty of food, refreshing drinks and (maybe too much) Dad dancing! 🕺

Bringing the community together!

Bringing the community together!

Some parents can’t help but get involved!

Some parents can’t help but get involved!

Ensuring the crowds didn’t miss out on the sporting action!

Ensuring the crowds didn’t miss out on the sporting action!

2. Golf Days 🏌️

Our MDs Pete Leckie and Tom Shanklin are both huge golf fans, so we regularly host and get involved in charity golf days. They are a great way of fundraising and networking, all while working on that golfer’s tan!

Golf day genero logo.jpg
golf day.jpg

3. UEFA Champions League Dinner at Caerphilly Castle ⚽

We were so proud to work with Fuse for UniCredit at Caerphilly Castle to deliver the unforgettable UEFA Champions League Final Dinner. The unique location really brought excitement to the team as we prepared to execute this event. With emphasis placed on creating a memorable experience for guests and tasteful conveyance of the brand presence – we knew exactly what this event needed. Utilising the original features of the castle, we used custom-made flags, a VIP red carpet, bespoke plinths presenting five UEFA trophies, a marquee, a scene-setting backdrop, banners, tailored gobos and spotlights. All elements that we contributed to the event highlighted the splendour of the castle. This particular event displays our ability to work in any type of venue.

4. Weeping Window at Y Senedd 🌹

You had to be living under a rock in the summer of 2017 to miss the Weeping Window at Y Senedd. We contributed a key component to the success of the cascade of poppies – plywood. Yes, it doesn’t sound very flamboyant, but the plywood provided the all-important base for the 4000 ceramic poppies. Plywood was chosen for its durability and ability to camouflage itself with the slate of the Senedd steps. Genero drilled hundreds of holes into the plywood base in which to ‘plant’ the poppies. We took smug pride in visitors being visibly baffled by how the Weeping Window was implemented, we enjoyed collaborating to think outside of the box and witness the success. It was a privilege to contribute to the important notion of marking the centenary of World War I.

Poppies outside sennedd.jpeg

Having reflected on some of our favourite summer events, we are in our element planning and implementing summer events for summer 2019, making them bigger and better.

Finally, last week we had the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Ali to our team. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Ali has already brought excellent opportunities to Genero – not to mention a personality that lights up the office! 🌞 Wishing you a warm welcome Ali! 😁

Ali Welcome Graphic.png

We hope all of our readers are thus far enjoying summer too; whether you’re off on holiday or you too are planning an exciting summer event! And if you need a hand with your summer event, you know where we are 👇

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