Providing a platform for Cyber Security in London


Client: TEISS

Event: TEISS 2019

Venue: Bishopsgate London

The award-winning 8th Annual European Information Security Summit, TEISS in other words, took place across two days, early February. The Summit has been running for eight years now, with Genero producing their stage for the past two years.

The Summit took place in Bishopsgate, London, so several members of our team travelled up the day before to ensure the event was set up appropriately and efficiently. Genero designed and produced a stage, a breakout room (with a set and stage) and a branded entrance into the TEISS Summit.

We were in our element with this job, as it utilised our skills in both stage and exhibition stand production. The artwork was supplied by TEISS and with the theme of the Summit being cyber security, we loved delivering a backdrop with two extremely large eyes printed on the artwork, which stared out onto the audience – in keeping with the theme of hackers/being watched online.

This backdrop had specific requirements; it was an exception to the backdrops we’re used to putting in place. It needed to be split into two different sections, as the main room would be split into two rooms throughout the day. The backdrop needed to appear as a whole, without showing any breaks. We kept its fluidity by splitting the wrap into three different sections – so there were no gaps in the presentation of the backdrop throughout the Summit.

The large eyes staring into the audience…

The large eyes staring into the audience…

We were also asked to design and construct an exhibition stand for global communications and technology company, Verizon. Verizon were the 2019 Gold Sponsors of the Summit, so their stand had to stand out, so to speak. We ensured they had all elements in place for the stand to fulfill its purpose of raising brand awareness in London. It made sense for Verizon to use us as the same production company; it brings consistency to the design of the event. By using us, Verizon allowed for no risk in delay of their stand being constructed on site, as opposed to using another company. Through using Genero, Verizon guaranteed that their stand would be constructed as one of the first at the event, alongside the construction of the main stage.

verizon stand.jpg

It was a delight to speak to Bradley Scheffer, the CEO of Business Reporter, Lyonsdown’s award-winning business publication, who commented on our work with TEISS:

This is the eighth year the event has taken place and the second time we have used a stage. We had never used a stage until last year. The stage gives the event a lot of prestige and credibility. It sets the tone and shows the quality of the speakers attending. I wouldn't use or trust any other company for the foremost European cyber security event of the year.

We are so pleased this event was a success; it is a pleasure to contribute to an event spreading such important awareness about cyber security. Despite being based in Cardiff, we have a wealth of experience of delivering such events in London and intend to continue doing so! Working far from home does not faze us, in fact, we embrace it!